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He tried many ways to make a living, including making popcorn and later became a television and radio engineer before he decided to bring 'rock 'n' roll' to England.

Hence the great title of this first book and parts two and three will be published later this this year or in 2015.

When Reg first hears Bill Haley's, 'Rock Around The Clock,' he has a dream to bring Rock 'n' Roll to England.

Reg is like the Pied Piper as young musicians and singers give up their jobs to follow him as he creates a new way of providing entertainment for teenagers.

This changed our lives forever and a refreshing change from the previous dance band days that catered for the 'Baby Boomers' parents.

It was the start of a revolution that spawned a new era of teenage domination, which in a few years evolved into the exciting Sixties - the best time to be young!

Too soon he feels trapped by marriage and children.

Dorothy wants stability and Reg wants freedom but he needs Dorothy as his anchor.

The name of Joe Meek has been revived, thanks to the movie 'Telstar' which tells the story of a tortured genius as an amazing record producer in the early Sixties with his own stable of artistes such as The Tornados, Heinz, John Leyton, Honeycombs -all chart topping successes.Reg and Dorothy Calvert started out with a little sweet shop and later into popcorn which accompanied the US influences of the music, Coca Cola and part of the fairground culture.Reg was an enterprising and imaginative businessman who realised that the UK scene needed its own home grown pop music stars and many aficionados of the 50s scene will be familiar with the name of Larry Parnes who groomed the likes of Billy Fury, Marty Wilde, Joe Brown and many more 'pop idols' Thanks to his London based promotion work, these great artistes soon became household names and their hits are still being played as well as many of them still touring the UK and overseas, despite being in their mid Seventies!The charge of murder was dropped to 'manslaughter' and he was finally acquitted with rumours of cover-ups and clandestine government intervention as they were determined to force the pirate radio ships out of business.The case notes were classified as 'secret' for the next forty odd years but now can be seen at the National Records/Archives Office at Kew- this can all be searched on the net.

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