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According to the CJEU, these general principles reflect the content of human rights protection found in national constitutions and human rights treaties, in particular the ECHR.

(source: handbook data protection law 2nd ed) The Council of Europe was formed in the aftermath of the Second World War to bring together the states of Europe to promote the rule of law, democracy, human rights and social development. States have an international obligation to comply with the ECHR.

In 1999, Convention 108 was amended to enable the EU to become a Party.9 In 2001, an Additional Protocol to Convention 108 was adopted, introducing provisions on transborder data flows to non-parties, so-called third countries, and on the mandatory establishment of national data protection supervisory authorities.

(source: handbook data protection law 2nd ed) The original treaties of the European Communities did not contain any reference to human rights or their protection.

Also, some of the guidelines and reports from those resources contain information that may be subject of the certification.

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