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900 life on hit on a 1-hander is on the higher end of the scale.One of my favorite changes from Oblivion to Skyrim is the improvements of the skills.Your image is a little too small to read the text, but it looks like the weapon on the right has 900 life on hit.This makes it a great weapon for people who are building tanky like Barbarians or Monks.In this instance you're comparing the following two items; Lancer's Avenger I would not expect the price difference to be caused by the 8 additional intelligence on the item and the other two stats in this instance are calculated into the DPS value on the item, which turns out to be slightly lower than that of the Striking Pike, leaving the difference between the two as vitality. There's no good reason to expect the games valuation formula to place a premium on damage, or, for that matter, on any other stat in the way that the player base does.Beyond that, as Fbueckert notes, item valuation is not particularly well understood, and, more importantly, completely and totally irrelevant for all but the absolute worst and lowest level items, so the real answer here is: Who Cares?Legendaries can be rerolled to their new stats at the cube as well.

The interests g question that this brings up for me is, what if I have an old 6-piece set and I replace 3 pieces of it with the new set?I think subsequent patches have treated item buffs in a similar fashion, so you'd have to find a new version of the item after the patch to get the increased stats.Blizzard does not retroactively update items you already have, except for changes to set bonuses as those aren't tied to the item. That, along with the idea that 45% damage is already incorporated would explain why the left hit less hard.I'm voting to close your question since it's not clear what you're asking. At a guess, I'd say it's because the one on the left has four affixes.

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