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” The question seems odd now, because we have become so used to phone technology that we barely think of it as technology at all – and there are a range of techniques we use, almost unconsciously, to verify what the person on the other end of the phone is saying, from their tone of voice, to the number they are ringing from, and the information they are providing. In many ways the internet gives us extra tools to verify information – certainly more than the phone ever did.The apparent ‘facelessness’ of the medium is misleading: every piece of information, and every person, leaves a trail of data that you can use to build a picture of its reliability.Check the facts, and see what other people have uncovered.And click on all of these links: the more hoaxes you are familiar with, the more likely alarm bells are going to ring at the right time.

Spectacular video footage can turn out to be more PR (by the way, read through that thread to see how it is infiltrated by a PR person but their identity is challenged).

At its most basic level, alarm bells should ring if the information you’re looking at is simply too good to be true. Harrods fuck you image " data-medium-file=" Jan Moir’s Twitter ‘apology’ is one good example – lending itself to easy retweeting.

The disgruntled sacked employee who makes lights up the exterior of Harrods with a farewell message fits this category. Peter Serafinowicz’s ‘deleted’ offensive joke is another.

On Facebook there is the social commenting plugin which attempts to give a credibility score to commenters.

Finally, of course, you should try to speak to the person.

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