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This was the height of Hollywood as Babylon, as the new play’s title reflects.Sex and glamour was the name of the game and the dwarves wanted their share."They did not like us touching them or lifting them into their make-up chairs.

He had got plastered during lunch, fallen in the toilet bowl and could not get out." It is hard to imagine that this sort of incident will have quite the same poignancy played by a normal-sized actor in the new play.

The task of assembling as many as 350 ‘little people’ to act in the movie fell to a man named Leo Singer.

Born in Germany as Baron Leopold Van Singer, he had put together a troupe of touring midgets who took part in vaudeville shows all over Europe.

He had bought some of them as children from their parents, who wanted to get rid of them.

By 1938, he had gathered a stable of 100 tiny performers and was based in America.

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