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The mayor and commissioners also have expressed concerns about the in-fighting interfering with the organizations’ missions.

Jason Vorhees [email protected] Members of Reichert’s staff intervened, however, and informed the board that the discovery committee did not have the authority to demand resignations from members who are appointed by the mayor.

“Pam is a hard worker, and she has been recognized for the work she does chery blossom dating.

” “It hurt all of us because we thought we were a good, solid group,” she said.

Carswell maintains that Bailey and Cochran reached an agreement without her imput and without discussion with the KMBBC board.

Bragg said Carswell “took the reputation of people she knew and cared for and put us in harm’s way.

KMBBC board member Martha Carter, who has known Carswell for decades, was instrumental in her getting the job.

Emails from former Cherry Blossom Festival Finance Director Maria Garnto obtained by The Telegraph said Carswell bullied Garnto after Ferro fired Carswell’s daughter from a post at the festival.

After Cochran told the KMBBC board of the festival’s request, he met in the hallway with Carswell to discuss the matter before they both returned to the meeting.

Moore rehired Carswell’s daughter, but let her go a few months later.

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