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They eventually separate and Howie leaves for New York City.Jane is brought to General Hospital as a patient after a car accident caused by her boyfriend Howie Dawson, that makes her miscarry her baby.He married Meg Bentley in 1966 and adopted her son, Scott Baldwin.Their marriage was rocky as she thought Lee was cheating on her.He was regrettably forced to institutionalize his wife.By 1971, Lee was thrilled to welcome Meg back from the mental institution, supposedly recovered from her mental breakdown.Her husband Lloyd has just died and she moves to town with her son Scotty and stepdaughter Brooke. After the mastectomy, Meg has a mental breakdown and has to be committed to a sanitarium. Angie is brought in with severe cuts on her face from a car accident where her boyfriend Eddie Weeks (then Craig Curtis) was driving.She is eventually cured, but seeks treatment from Dr. After surgery, Angie is upset that her face will be disfigured and causes trouble and stress for Dr. Angie recovers from plastic surgery and has an illegitimate child with Eddie, which they give up for adoption to Fred and Janet Fleming (Simon Scott and Ruth Phillips).

Tom is charged as an accessory before Phil Brewer returns to town with evidence that clears them both.Eventually, the child is sent back to Audrey, who is told that Tom died of a heart attack.In September 1976, Tom is revealed to be alive and returns to fight for custody of the child, while begging Audrey not to divorce him. 1850 Ontario Land Registry Records Research Thousands of your ancestors and where they lived in Ontario - Updated October, 2017 Ontario Genealogy County Directories - Subscriber Site Ontario Genealogy Historical Newspaper Site - Subscriber Site Ontario Genealogy - Historical Images of the Past - Subscriber Site Ontario Genealogy - Historical Atlas Maps - Subscriber Site Ontario Genealogy - Historical Visits to Ontario Villages and Towns - Subscriber Site Upper Canada Land Petitions 51000 Records Indexed Upper Canada Land Leases and Miscellaneous Petitions 10000 Records Indexed Upper Canada (Ontario) Sundries Database Ontario - Upper Canada Land Registry Records Upper Canada (Ontario) Toronto Insane Asylum Database Upper Canada (Ontario) Kingston Insane Asylum Database Upper Canada (Ontario) London Insane Asylum Database Upper Canada (Ontario) Malden Insane Asylum Database Upper Canada (Ontario) Hamilton Insane Asylum Database Join the Ontario Genealogy mail list now.Lee was a lawyer who helped defend Jessie Brewer (twice), Edward Quartermaine, and Julie Devlin over the years.

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