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The car includes several cut-backs compared to the G and S grades, including: – Rear drum brakes instead of an all-disc set-up for the G and E grades.

– 14-inch alloy rims as oppose to 15 for the G and S.

The Toyota Vios S variant is estimated to be the most expensive Vios among the three, at around RM 88,600.

The interior of the Toyota Vios S grade receives a dark grey/black trim treatment, and includes an “Optitron” meter with a multi-information display, as opposed to the E and G grades’ conventional backlit display.

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The new Toyota Vios line saw the inclusion of a new S grade Vios.

The S grade includes cosmetic enhancements rather than a performance-based ones, sporting a set of “aero parts”, a minor body kit encompassing a front bumper spoiler, side skirts and a bootlid spoiler.

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